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Swadhayay Parivar over these years has grown by leaps and bounds. People across the geographical as well as cultural boundaries has been moved by the life inspiring thoughts of Pathshala and are convinced to redesign their lives according to these thoughts. Rev. Dadaji, all his life has made enormous efforts to present human beings, their true dignity by making them aware of Divinity within. Overwhelmed by the sense of gratitude towards Rev. Dadaji, the imparter of human dignity, Swadhyay Parivar started celebrating Rev. Dadaji's birthday on 19th October as Manushya Gaurav Din (human dignity day) since the year 1990. Year after year, this expression of reverence and gratitude continued. In 1994, Krutajnata Samaroh was celebrated at various places. Like wise, Bhav Sampark Samaroh, at Kurukshetra, Hariyana in 1996, Hujur Sahib Tirth Yarta at Nanded, Maharashtra in 1997 were celebrated.