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The year was 1926, the globe was under traumatic hangover of First world war and was terrified with the violence that a human heart can generate. In admist of the time, when various isms were trying to find solutions to the problems of humanity by keeping humans out of sight. A person known by the name Rev. Vaijnath Shahsrti Athavale, a scholor of highest caliber, with the vision that human spirit can only be elevated by the principles lived by Sages, Seers and scriptures of ancient Indian culture. He founded a place from where insecure humanity can find security, not only carnal but psychological as well as spiritual. The place he established is "Shreemad Bhagvad Gita Pathshala", shortly known as "Pathshala", The School. The school with the vision for human life and what it can achieve.The school, to show chaotic man a mirror, which would reflect divine spark residing in his heart.